Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Here I sit in front of the computer checking the weather forecast trying to decide if we can chance the drive to go home for Thanksgiving or not. The drive involves two mountain passes one including Jackson Hole Wyoming, a famous place for snow skiing and winter activates. So far the forecast is saying that the snow is going around the mountains we need to go threw. The road report is saying the road is snow covered and slick,so it is looking like we will not go. Not going home is upsetting and a relief. Upsetting in the thought that we will terribly miss being with our family. The first time ever to celebrate a holiday with out the rest of our family. A relief in that we are so tired of the drive and we worry about sharing our time equally with everyone. Something I am also struggling with is Mom and I have always gone shopping on Black Friday. It will not be the same to go with out her, besides the shopping here leaves a little to be desired. At home there is so much more to choose from when it comes to shopping, especially my favorite store Target. I have recent discovered that is my favorite store, I always have to get something there when we are home. I did not recognize it as my favorite store until I could not go frequently.
Now back to Thanksgiving we have several things to be thankful for this year. For me the top most thing is I love my family. I am so thankful to be with my sweetheart and our boys. It was a hard stretch of time when we were apart this past year. Also we learned house's are house's and stuff is stuff but none of it matters if you are with your loved ones. My friends are so important to me and I miss them more than I ever dreamed I would. I have two very special friends that I treasure so much. We have the kind of friendship that we can share anything with each other. The good the bad and the ugly, all of it we can share with each other and we will still respect and love each other after the fact. We have the kind of friendship that we can finish a sentence for each other and just by a glance at each other can read the thought of the other. Generally we have endless giggling sessions at some of the stupidest things. I love there children as if they were my own children.
Another thing I am thankful for is a shower that works and a washer and dryer in my house. While we were living in the RV park I discovered that I desire creature comforts. Now don't get me wrong I was so thankful to have access to these things but I am so glad not to have to feed them quarters. Some day we will have this fixer upper house of ours done. The day we complete this house will be a celebration of thankfulness.
So be Thankful for all you have and your Blessings in your life. Love to all!