Monday, June 23, 2008

"Three things are green"

My youngest boy explained to me the other day that there are only three things in the world that are green. Are you ready for the answer because I was not! He said " Boogers, leaves and grass. Boogers are just green, leaves are hooked to trees and the grass is green. And there you have it."
I wanted to laugh so bad but he was so serious that I did not dare or he would not share any of his insights with me again.

Today while we were at the store he informed me he did not know what it felt like to be a manager of a store but it must be hard work. Hee hee funny kid. I just love the way he thinks and tells me what ever is on his mind!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I am bored and tired

I sit here in front of this stupid computer I am tired. Just tired of everything! My husband has to work too much, our house still has lots left to do on it, the kids are out of school for the summer, baseball seems like it will never end.......I am just tired! I do not want to work any more on this house it has drained me of all I want to do, thus the bored state I am in. There is not a lack of things to do it is just that I do not want to do them. We have got so much done on this house but there is still so much more. A list of the completed things........ all sheet rock up stairs repaired and new texture, paint entire up stairs, all trim and moldings sanded and painted, bathroom brand new everything, kitchen all new everything, electrical all new everything, hard wood flooring stripped and sanded then stained with several coats of polyurethane, out side trim all painted, new flower beds with flowers, new mini patio, new grass planted and coming in nicely, new front and back doors, new front storm door, new out side lighting.......
Need to do still............flooring in bathroom and laundry room downstairs, sheet rock bathroom downstairs, paint all walls and cement floor in basement, install shower toilet and vanity in bathroom downstairs, install lighting in bathroom and laundry room downstairs, paint stair well, carpet stairs and bed room down stairs, and clean the rest of the house so it will be ready to show. I also need to clean and pack what ever we do not need and get it out to the garage neatly so the house can show nicely. See why I am tired and have put myself into overworked denial and a bored state of mind. Well their you go now you have herd my ramblings.