Friday, October 3, 2008

One More Weekend Continued

Last weekend was the official last weekend. We finely made it threw that "one more weekend". Our house is on the market clean and ready to be seen. We got everything done we could possibly do within reason of fixing up that house. I am happy with how it all turned out, the house looks nice. I told a friend there in town that I would live there now if I could. :) The bathroom down stairs looks so nice. DH and I decided that if we were to ever build our own house that a big walk in shower would be necessary, not a standard shower. We would also like to have a bench of some sort in the shower. Rebuilding that house we learned a lot of things that we would like to have for ourselves and what we would not like. I do know I do not desire to "fix up" another house and live in it again. (notice I did not say never) With the way our lives have been going I dare not say "never". I got a new computer so I am experiencing a learning curve with the pictures. As soon as I master that I will post pictures of the new house. We ended up not carpeting the master bathroom or the stairs. When I went to get the carpet the store had no carpet pad and not enough carpet to cover the area needed. It just made it a sigh that we did not need to do one more thing . Our Realtor was so happy with all the work in the house. She had the realtor walk threw and said all the other Realtors were happy with the house and had no negative comments about the house. That made us happy to hear. Maybe all our hard work will be a good thing.
We are now all moved into a small little and did I say small 800 sq foot duplex. It is cozy but not bad. I like the town it is small but quiet as a community. When ever I drive around all the locals wave as if we have lived here for ever. It is nice and makes me miss everyone back home. We live right across the road from a major rail way and it is busy. The trains go by on a average of tow an hour and some days as many as 4. They typically have 3 engines pulling so many cars I have given up trying to count them. The other night I timed how long the train went by the house from first car to last, it was going by at a good rate for 7 minutes. There is a Comunity Center and they get together every wednesday to scrao for a few hours. Ia m happy to get to go down and join them. I am hopping to get a lot of our photos done over this year. It would be so much easier to move albums of photos than boxes and boxes of photos.