Monday, December 15, 2008

I double dog dare you

So to start off with the other day I was chatting with my sister and she suggested we watch a Christmas movie as a tradition with the boys, then she suggested a particular movie. I agreed it would be fun and I loved that movie! Fast forward a week, last night DH was going to town shopping so I asked him to get said movie so we could all watch it. This morning the boys started school 2 hours later than normal because of the weather. They were bored to death and begged me to let them watch the movie, so I said if they were ready for school they could watch it till it was time to go. So that all went as planned. After school they were eager to watch the movie and see it all. Fast forward a few more hours and they both have on their coats and are headed out side. Nothing new their, so out they go. With in minutes they are both back in the house screaming. Yep they put their tongue's on the metal fence post. The youngest was even double dog dared. They both have bloody tongue's and tears to prove that it is not a myth (as believed by the oldest) that your tongue will freeze. A dose of Motrin and a drink of milk later the boys are going to live, and I am still so angry I could spit nails. Any idea what movie we watched? Yep Christmas Story!