Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to our old new house

We are back!!!! Our old house is all new and we are living in it. I am so happy to be back in Idaho! It is such a comfort to see and talk to family and friends every day about any little thing or any big thing. The boys are enjoying school. A has decided to play the trombone (need some practice but I see potential). B is enjoying the social aspect of school and was thrilled to report on his first day "it was the best day ever I only lost a few stars". I then learned he was "chatting" to himself with no intention of being quiet and lost a few stars. Silly little pickle!
I love being home mowing our lawn and working in the house everyday. It just feels right like that favorite pair of shoes every one has. I have a few fix up projects in mind to do around here and we need to repair the hard wood floor that has some water damage. SO we will be busy with things to do still but that would not be life with out things to do. I am surprised at how much stuff we have accumulated and starting to believe we are pack rats of sorts! Going threw our stuff is one of the projects, gonna be a big one!