Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to our old new house

We are back!!!! Our old house is all new and we are living in it. I am so happy to be back in Idaho! It is such a comfort to see and talk to family and friends every day about any little thing or any big thing. The boys are enjoying school. A has decided to play the trombone (need some practice but I see potential). B is enjoying the social aspect of school and was thrilled to report on his first day "it was the best day ever I only lost a few stars". I then learned he was "chatting" to himself with no intention of being quiet and lost a few stars. Silly little pickle!
I love being home mowing our lawn and working in the house everyday. It just feels right like that favorite pair of shoes every one has. I have a few fix up projects in mind to do around here and we need to repair the hard wood floor that has some water damage. SO we will be busy with things to do still but that would not be life with out things to do. I am surprised at how much stuff we have accumulated and starting to believe we are pack rats of sorts! Going threw our stuff is one of the projects, gonna be a big one!

Friday, May 8, 2009

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Monday, December 15, 2008

I double dog dare you

So to start off with the other day I was chatting with my sister and she suggested we watch a Christmas movie as a tradition with the boys, then she suggested a particular movie. I agreed it would be fun and I loved that movie! Fast forward a week, last night DH was going to town shopping so I asked him to get said movie so we could all watch it. This morning the boys started school 2 hours later than normal because of the weather. They were bored to death and begged me to let them watch the movie, so I said if they were ready for school they could watch it till it was time to go. So that all went as planned. After school they were eager to watch the movie and see it all. Fast forward a few more hours and they both have on their coats and are headed out side. Nothing new their, so out they go. With in minutes they are both back in the house screaming. Yep they put their tongue's on the metal fence post. The youngest was even double dog dared. They both have bloody tongue's and tears to prove that it is not a myth (as believed by the oldest) that your tongue will freeze. A dose of Motrin and a drink of milk later the boys are going to live, and I am still so angry I could spit nails. Any idea what movie we watched? Yep Christmas Story!

Friday, October 3, 2008

One More Weekend Continued

Last weekend was the official last weekend. We finely made it threw that "one more weekend". Our house is on the market clean and ready to be seen. We got everything done we could possibly do within reason of fixing up that house. I am happy with how it all turned out, the house looks nice. I told a friend there in town that I would live there now if I could. :) The bathroom down stairs looks so nice. DH and I decided that if we were to ever build our own house that a big walk in shower would be necessary, not a standard shower. We would also like to have a bench of some sort in the shower. Rebuilding that house we learned a lot of things that we would like to have for ourselves and what we would not like. I do know I do not desire to "fix up" another house and live in it again. (notice I did not say never) With the way our lives have been going I dare not say "never". I got a new computer so I am experiencing a learning curve with the pictures. As soon as I master that I will post pictures of the new house. We ended up not carpeting the master bathroom or the stairs. When I went to get the carpet the store had no carpet pad and not enough carpet to cover the area needed. It just made it a sigh that we did not need to do one more thing . Our Realtor was so happy with all the work in the house. She had the realtor walk threw and said all the other Realtors were happy with the house and had no negative comments about the house. That made us happy to hear. Maybe all our hard work will be a good thing.
We are now all moved into a small little and did I say small 800 sq foot duplex. It is cozy but not bad. I like the town it is small but quiet as a community. When ever I drive around all the locals wave as if we have lived here for ever. It is nice and makes me miss everyone back home. We live right across the road from a major rail way and it is busy. The trains go by on a average of tow an hour and some days as many as 4. They typically have 3 engines pulling so many cars I have given up trying to count them. The other night I timed how long the train went by the house from first car to last, it was going by at a good rate for 7 minutes. There is a Comunity Center and they get together every wednesday to scrao for a few hours. Ia m happy to get to go down and join them. I am hopping to get a lot of our photos done over this year. It would be so much easier to move albums of photos than boxes and boxes of photos.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

packing and things

So this week my assignment is to pack so we can move across the state in time for the boys to start school on Monday. So far I am getting most of the packing done with little to no help form the boys, no big surprise there. Today after letting them both know I thought they were lazy little slugs and watching TV all day and picking at each other was no help and they should go out side and do something. With in minutes the oldest boy comes in the house in tears and sobbing. What the heck is going on, I am thinking. Well turns out that both his bikes are gone. Not his only bike but both ,yes two, are gone. (one of the bikes he just got a few months ago for his birthday) He had rode one of the bikes this morning and left them both in the side yard and tonight they are gone. We were home all day the kids are running in and out of the house and apparently some one wanted the bikes more than our oldest. Now to me that takes a lot of nerve to "jack" something in daylight out of your fenced yard. Ugh so any way I need to pack up all our stuff and hope the next people who move in here do not get their things "jacked" from the yard.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Tribute to Will

Today we lost a beloved pet, Will the lizard. Our oldest son brought Will home after spending the night with a friend earlier this spring. The friend had found Will and decided that our oldest needed him. I was not at all excited about the arrival of Will because we have not had great success with frogs so I assumed the same about a lizard. Well soon enough Our oldest fell in love with Will and then so did the youngest son, I think the Dad had fallen for him also. While Dad was off working he was able to find some grub worms for Will we were happy to find something for him to eat. He was quite cute while he was eating ;) While we went camping I was able to take some pictures of Will. We had to warm his sand and his rock so he would not freeze. It was an interesting camping trip keeping the lizard warm. That was when I think i fell for him. He was quite cute. After he was done eating he would get all full of himself and stand up tall on his front feet. He was quiet, clean and not too much work. We are all going to miss Mr. Will.