Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tribute to Will

Today we lost a beloved pet, Will the lizard. Our oldest son brought Will home after spending the night with a friend earlier this spring. The friend had found Will and decided that our oldest needed him. I was not at all excited about the arrival of Will because we have not had great success with frogs so I assumed the same about a lizard. Well soon enough Our oldest fell in love with Will and then so did the youngest son, I think the Dad had fallen for him also. While Dad was off working he was able to find some grub worms for Will we were happy to find something for him to eat. He was quite cute while he was eating ;) While we went camping I was able to take some pictures of Will. We had to warm his sand and his rock so he would not freeze. It was an interesting camping trip keeping the lizard warm. That was when I think i fell for him. He was quite cute. After he was done eating he would get all full of himself and stand up tall on his front feet. He was quiet, clean and not too much work. We are all going to miss Mr. Will.

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